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Hazardous Waste Management
Projects aimed at supporting the completion of the existing collection, depositing, sorting and disposal of hazardous waste (including hospital waste) and the reduction of asbestos risk

Projects focus on the improvement of health and safety issues connected with waste with the emphasis on limiting illegal dumping sites, and providing a modern system of waste management. A particular focus is placed on a safe removal of asbestos roofings, which are still widely present in Poland, both in private and public buildings. They will support Poland’s targets to eliminate asbestos containing products and increase the public awareness and the availability of support measures for the poorest households.
The current portfolio includes two projects aimed at speeding up asbestos removal on the territory of Lubelskie voivodeship, with the ambition to create conditions for private beneficiaries, including those faced by economic and social exclusion. One of the projects deals also with the construction of a modern waste management facility, which would allow for an effective separation of hazardous waste from the communal waste stream.


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