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Extension of Police Corps information system ACHERON

The goal of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the analytical information system of the Slovak Police Force. As a result, a secured up-to-date IT analytical information tool will support the fight against corruption and organised crime in the country. As well, the project will help to fulfil the international obligations of Slovakia in the filed of criminal intelligence.

Thème / région ciblée
Sécurité, stabilité et soutien aux processus de réforme
Lutte contre la corruption et le crime organisé
Specialised units and staff of the Slovak Police
The analytic and database information system of the Slovak police is currently under development in line with an EU standard called ‘European Criminal Intelligence Model – ECIM’. The existing system is outdated, the number of users is limited and the databases are not interlinked. Information gained when securing evidence during criminal proceedings are only stored in paper form, which is limiting the further use of information. The new system called Acheron need to be extended and interlinked with the existing MIGRA and POLYGON databases.
Due to its geographic location, Slovakia is facing a serious threat of illegal activities with radioactive and nuclear (RN) materials. Recently, the police is establishing a unit specialised in crimes connected to RN materials. However, the newly created unit lacks a complex up-to-date analytical and information system (IS) and needs specialised training in this field.
The goal of the project is to ensure effective fight against serious and organised crime within Slovakia, as well as against border and cross-border organised crime, including crimes related to RN materials.
The objective of the project is to enable effective criminal investigation and coordination in the fight against crime by providing secured up-to-date IT analytical information tools and providing training to the respective police officers.
In the first step, the existing Acheron information system will be extended. Purchase of hardware, software and the installation into the IT system has to be realised. Afterwards, the users and administrators of the system will be trained. In a next step, the analytical capacities and competencies of staff of the Bureau for Combating Corruption and Organised Crime shall be increased through technological improvements and trainings. In a third step, an information system for monitoring of illegal activities with RN materials will be established. Targeted training shall be provided to policemen, based on their potential role when handling with RN materials.
The expected results are:

  • Secured analytical information system compliant with the ECIM standards available for the Slovak Police Force;
  • Number of users linked to the Police Corps analytical information system Acheron increased and the users and administrators are familiarised with the use of the new analytical information tool;
  • Additional analytical equipment is available for the Slovak police and the analytical skills of the users are improved;
  • Slovak police experts trained in information management, intelligence cycle and analytic activities;
  • An information system as a source of special and comprehensive information on RN materials is established;
  • Policemen and prosecutors receive training in the field of RN materials.

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Données-clés du projet
Slovaquie Slovaquie
Montant de la subvention suisse:
CHF 3'370'000
Budget total du projet:
CHF 3'964'000
Date d’approbation de la subvention:
en cours
Responsabilité de la mise en œuvre du projet:
Contact suisse:
Numéro du projet: 7F-07865.01
La Direction du développement et de la coopération (DDC) est rattachée au Département fédéral des affaires étrangères de la Suisse
Le Secrétariat d'État à l'économie (seco) est rattaché au Département fédéral de l'économie, de la formation et de la recherche de la Suisse